Hello! I am Arpit Dwivedi. Specialist Programmer working on Full Stack development, having experience in developing application on Microsoft technologies. Well acquainted with C# Programming Language, ASP.NET CORE, Angular, microservices, SQL Server, Azure Fundamentals, etc. I am always curious to learn something new.

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Special Skills

Web Deveopment

My love towards Web development first ignited when I saw an advertisment of WixSite on youtube, I started from there and now I have experience in Bootstrap studio, Adobe Dreamweaver  and Django framework. 


Artificial Intelligence always amused me. In my journey of learning "how to make machine learn", I have learned and worked on OpenCV, Tensorflow, Keras etc. and have made some projects using them.

Exploring New Skills

Apart from Web and AI, I always try to learn extra skills and update my skillset. I have basic knowledge of Android Studio, Chatbots, Unity 3D, Blockchain, Scala, MongoDB, Flutter, OpenVino etc.


I try to implement whatever I learn. I have made majority of my projects  on  Computer Vision. This portfolio of mine is also a project build on Bootstrap Studio. 

My Projects  


"Always write what you you learn in a way that anyone can understand it" is the reason I started writing. I write on Datasciencep+ and have 23.6k+ views on my articles. 

My Articles


I believe knowledge is the main thing one should seek for in any technical course or degree and certification is not a replacement for ability to think logically, but I also believe that certification is a guarantee, that candidate knows some reasonable basics.

My Certificates